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Friday, 2 October 2009

5 things I Hate & Like about Raj thackeray.

1) He is dividing Indians at crucial time when the country needs to stand together against external enemies.
2) He is weakening Hindus by dividing them on regional lines & justifies his actions by citing egs of Mayawati, Lalu, Mulayam etc.
3) He has no original idea. Copies uncle Balasaheb in terms of ideas & style of oratory.
4) Preach, but don’t practice formula. Betrayed political mentor Balasaheb, but talks about loyalty for Maharshtra. Invited Michael Jackson but isn’t ashamed to claim himself as protector of Marathi culture.
5) Fooling people of Maharshtra by fanning emotional issues for personal growth & deviating them from real issues.

1) He is an excellent cartoonist.
2) He has good dressing sense & presents himself before public appropriately.
3) Does good homework & makes detailed study of issues before making a public speech.
4) Has excellent quality of copying others eg.Bal Thackeray.The self righteous attitude. Doesn’t care a bit for negative criticism & moves ahead with own agenda