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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

7 Reasons for BJP's wipe out in Delhi!

So finally Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his strategist Amit Shah, his top cabinet ministers, top leaders of his party and cadres of RSS altogether couldn’t win Delhi. Narendra Modi has been defeated by a man who is comparatively a novice in politics. So what are the reasons for such a shameful defeat? I have worked on ground in Delhi on voting day & have been following Delhi politics since months and based on my observations here are roughly 7 reasons why BJP has been wiped out in Delhi:

1) Kiran Bedi: Her announcement as Chief Ministerial candidate by BJP just couple of days before the elections was an erroneous decision. Here I remember Benjamin Franklin who observed – “ While a party is carrying on a general design, each man has his particular private interest in view. That soon as a party has gained its general point, each member becomes intent upon his particular interest; which thwarting others, breaks that party into divisions, and occasions more confusion.” Members of BJP’s Delhi unit after attaining spectacular victory in Lok Sabha polls aspired of pursuing their private interests, an intent which was shattered by imposing Kiran Bedi.
Bedi was unacceptable to Delhi BJP members as their leader. They campaigned for her half heartedly. Bedi’s announcement crushed ambitions of few senior leaders in Delhi BJP.

2) Anna Hazare: Just few days before Delhi elections, Gandhian Anna Hazare launched a verbal assault against Narendra Modi in an interview on ABP News which was thence followed by other channels. Anna expressed his displeasure on Modi governent’s performance and alleged that he has made fake promises. He also attacked Modi on land acquisition ordinance by pointing out that it is anti farmer and anti poor. He also indicated that in coming days he will launch an intense agitation against Modi government.

3) Amit Shah : BJP President Amit Shah’s statement on ABP News that pre-poll promise made by Narendra Modi to deposit 15 lakhs in citizen’s bank account which was to be recovered as black money was just a Rajneetik Jumla (political phrase) back fired. It dented credibility of BJP as a political party and has led to a question whether other similar pre-poll announcements are also just political phrases?

4) Target AAP: Targetting AAP by BJP in general and Narendra Modi in particular turned out to be counter productive. BJP’s anti AAP campaign added weight to AAP’s campaign and also garnered AAP more time on television channels.

5) Over confidence on Narendra Modi’s image: BJP’s think tank has failed to detect that during past few months Narendra Modi has acquired an image of a person of rhetoric and not of a performer. Modi’s Karishma seems to be diminishing. Top leadership erroneously assumed that Modi’s speeches will fetch votes like they have done in Loksabha polls and recent Vidhan Sabha polls of Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand.

6) Arvind Kejriwal: He learnt from his past mistakes and smartly chalked out his election campaign which included youth participation and use of social media on the patterns which BJP adopted during Loksabha polls. No “anarchy” was seen in his party this time.

7) Weak Congress: It seems that Congress was convinced of its rout since the beginning of election process and didn’t fight the elections aggressively. The loyal minority and slum area votes shifted totally to AAP and BJP was not able to gain in minority areas due to division of votes.  

Delhi assembly election results once again highlight that Indian politics is very volatile and unpredictable.