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Monday, 5 October 2015

Talvar: Shocking similarities between Arushi Talvar & Sheena Bora murder cases!

You must have read writeups on shocking similarities between Abraham Lincoln & J.F.Kennedy's assassinations. We have a similar story in India also, not related to murder of any politicians but of 2 young ladies in different parts of the country.Just viewed movie "Talwar" & the story made me compare Arushi Talwar's murder case with Mumbai's Sheena Bora murder case. I was following newsreports  of this case till few years back and "Talwar" helped me to get back on the chronology and do some supplementary reading on the case. Those crime reporters who have seen "Talwar" & covered Sheena Bora murder case may notice following parallels between the 2 cases :

1) The 1st investigative team was negligent:
In Arushi's case it was UP Police & in Sheena's case it was Raigadh Police. If both had done their basic work sincerely in the beginning both cases would have been detected much earlier.

2) Second investigative team did the solid investigation:
In Arushi's case it was CBI director Arun Kumar's team which got new facts & made fresh arrests and in Sheena's case it was Rakesh Maria's team which detected the case & made all the arrests.

3) The second investigation team was removed before filing of chargesheet:
In Arushi's case Arun Kumar's team was removed & case was given to another team of CBI.Similarly in Sheena's case firstly police commissioner Rakesh Maria was removed & later on the investigation was transferred from Mumbai Police to CBI. It means both the cases were handled by 3 different investigating teams.

4) Motive of murder is still not clear in both the cases.

5) In Arushi's case parents were accused of murder & in Sheena's case also one of the parent is accused of murder.

6) In both the cases drivers of the families were also named as accused.