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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

10 Traffic Rules Which No Driving School Will Teach You.

1)      When there is a strong urge to jump a less busy red signal & the traffic cop is not seen, it makes sense to wait for few seconds & observe some other oversmart guy to jump the signal. If he is not caught, then you too move on bindass.
2)      When you ride a motorcycle it’s a thrill to hack your way in a zigzag manner from the traffic of 4 wheelers, but when you drive a car, motorcyclists are the biggest headache. You may have to brake suddenly if some biker comes in front & you may listen a sound coming from the rear of your car. You get down to find out that some other vehicle has kissed your car due to sudden braking.
3)      If caught by a traffic cop it is more likely that you will escape penalty or pay less fine if you politely handover your driving licence to him as soon as he stops you. You may invite more trouble if you hurt his ego by arguing with him or not easily handing him the licence.
4)      Drive more cautiously on Sunday during both day & night time even if roads are pleasantly vacant. It is likely that some half asleep person or somebody who is drunk gets knocked down by your car.
5)      Although, talking on mobile phone while driving with car blue tooth devices are illegal in many countries of the world, you are less likely to be caught..and when caught there is an excuse- “Oh Johnny, I was not talking on phone…was singing along a song on radio...which made you assume that I was talking. ”
6)      Heavy vehicles like dumpers & tankers are the biggest killers of 2 wheeler riders in Mumbai & other major cities of India. Stay away from them as much as you can.
7)      Nakabandis by cops mostly takes place on same locations, same timings & on same days/nights of the week.
8)      Even if you drink premium vodka & think that you do not smell alcohol after chewing a mouth freshner…you are still likely to be suspected & tested.
9)       Never fight with a BEST bus driver in fit of a road rage. Even if he is at fault, you are more likely to be jailed rather than he fired from his job.
10)   If the car moving in front of you is irritatingly slow in speed, then there might be some taxi ahead of that car…& the car driver might be enjoying the foreplay of the couple sitting on the rear seats of the taxi.
(Strictly based on observations & not personal experiences.)



Good one sir.... I personally feel that some experience also lies besides your observation.After all you have a long experience of Driving on these roads....!! :)

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