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Friday, 12 March 2010

If you hate "Hate Politics"

Dear Friend,

I am disturbed with too much of hate politics around..We Indians are being fooled by selfish politicians on the basis of religion, language, region, caste & so on….and this is happening at a time when our countrymen need to unite themselves against external threats. Such hate preachers seem to be successful in their campaign & are becoming stronger with the time. If we want our nation to survive, such elements need to be contained. I & like minded friends have decided not to keep quiet & have a long term plan of reactionary movement against the hate preachers. We need people from varied fields like media, law, administration, corporates, education to join us & create a force. Ex-personnels from Police, army & intelligence agencies can also add great strength to the movement by joining us. Tentatively we have named our organization as Unite India Force. (UIF). UIF would initially begin as a youth organization from & would gradually transform into a political party spreading across other areas of the nation. The philosophy of UIF, its agenda, mode of operation, its constitution will evolve with the time. Our organization will not hesitate to confront the hate preachers by their own means..but that will be the last resort.

If above words make sense to you & you feel that you can do something against the hate campaign by joining us then please do get in touch with me to inform your affirmation.

Even, if you disagree, you are welcome to express your views. Those friends who are presently working with governmental agencies & cant join UIF like police, intelligence, para-military forces, but want to support the movement can do so without formally putting their names on the membership rolls. Thank you.

Jai Hind.

Jitendra Dixit

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राजेश कुमार said...

I respect your contemplation and agree with you. I would like to say that where there is a will there is way. The concept of United India Force is a admirable. All the best.

makrand said...

yes i want to join
makrand ghodke

mumbai a dream city said...

all the best for ur initiative step towards uif