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Monday, 7 February 2011

Hanuman & Professional World.

For many Hanuman is a mythological personality, a character from epic Ramayana, and for atheists, a creation of imagination & so on. For me Hanuman is a personification of various positive human qualities arranged into one. Hanuman is personification of fearlessness, optimism, intellect, ability & willingness to take risk & a symbol of self discipline. His image reflects the urge of coming out of your comfort zone . He is a symbol of good health, hardwork, youthfulness & aggression. This infers that worshipping Hanuman means activating all such positive qualities within ourselves, which are attributed to the image of Hanuman.

The best way to worship him & experience his power & positivity is to think oneself as Hanuman. Hanuman has dedicated his life for worshipping Rama. Rama is the sole objective of his life, worshipping him is the priority of his life. In the same manner when we think of ourselves as Hanuman, we have to find & designate somebody/something as our Rama which should get our highest attention & efforts. As an example if we take our job as our Rama then its importance to us will be just like Ram has been for Hanuman. Being Hanuman means being focused, being disciplined, being optimist & being energetic & youthful.
How can we become Hanuman?
Epics like Ramayana & poems like Hanuman Chalisa enunciate Hanuman’s all such qualities with examples. Reading, reciting & thinking on them helps us to search &  trigger such qualities in ourselves.When we think ourselves as Hanuman, we in natural course attain the wellness & positive results due to the qualities, habits & thinking attributed to the image of Hanuman. When you think yourself as Hanuman, you focus on your work, you abstain from bad habits like excessive drinking, taking unhealthy food & lust. Such disciplined life style is conducive for creative & constructive activity.

Hanuman’s qualities were exhibited to the world by his performances for Rama. He gets happy when somebody praises Rama. Similarly, if we think ourselves as Hanuman, then we have to display our qualities by working for our Rama & for us Rama is our job. We would be happy like Hanuman when somebody praises our work…our Rama.

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