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Sunday, 16 October 2011

References & further readings.

Chapter-1: US Counter Terrorism Strategy in Indian Perspective.

“Celebrating bin Laden’s killing” by Petula Dvorak (Washington Post, 02/05/2011)
Department of Homeland Security’s official website. (
Central Bureau of Investigations’ (CBI) official website.(
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“If US can after 9/11, Why cant India after 26/11?” by V.Balachandran. (Times of India, 15/07/2011)
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“IB ex chief’s gangster friend arrested.” (Times of India, 11/07/2005)
NCTC plan back in focus after Mumbai blasts. (Times of India, 22/07/2011)
“A New Architecture for India’s Security.”-P.Chidambaram (
Interview of ex NSG chief J.K.Dutta by Harinder Baweja.(Tehelka magazine, 20/06/2009)
“Terror on TV or Terror by TV?” by Rashmi Sehgal (
Official website of Federal Bureau of Information. (
“Times Square arrest raises US security questions.” by Tony Karon, 05/05/2010. 
Times Square bomber gets life sentence. Warns of more attacks.”Geraldine (Seattle Times, 05/10/10)
“Faisal Shahzad: violent, fanatic or unhappy home owner?” by Charles Lane. (Washington Post, 06/05/2010.)
Official website of United States Marshals Service. (
Zaveri Bazar and Gateway blast verdict. (DNA, 26/07/2009)
“It is crucial to win confidence of witnesses.” (Hindustan Times, 24/01/2011.)
PATRIOT ACT-American Civil Liberties Union. (
“FBI chief urges renewal of PATRIOT Act measures.”(Washington Post, 26/03/2009)
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Clinton says US feeds Mexico drug trade.” (New York Times, 25/03/2009)
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Canada major player in illegal drug trdae.” (24/06/2009,
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Chapter-2: Mumbai Attacks: 59 Hours of Death.
(This chapter is largely based on author’s own experiences while covering the Mumbai attacks.)
Interview of ex NSG chief J.K.Dutta by Harinder Baweja.(Tehelka magazine, 20/06/2009)
Attacks draw worldwide condemnation. (The Guardian, 28/11/2008)
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Karambir Kang has kept away from his family suite on Taj’s sixth floor. (
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Gunning for each other. (13/04/2003, Mid Day)
Media introspects on its voverage of 26/11 attacks. (
Jaago Mumbai Jaagao (26/12/2008, Mid Day)
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Are politicians suffering from foot in mouth syndrome? (04/12/2008, Indian Express)
2 Patil heads rolled after 26/11. (10/11/2009, Indian Express.)
Gafoor shifted, Sivanandhan new Mumbai police chief. (13/06/2009, Indian Express)

Chapter-3: Mohammed Afroz: A pilot, a terrorist & a politician.

“The curious case of Mohammed Afroz.”  by Praveen Swamy. (13/04/2002, The Frontline)
Who advised to drop POTO charge against Afroz? (27/03/2002, Mid Day)
Police, not I charged Afroz under POTO-Nikam (28/03/2002, Mid Day)
Mohammed Afroz finally gets taste of freedom. (10/04/2002, Times of India)
The model prisoner who thrives on yoga. (28/03/2002, Indian Express)
Give and Take(17/10/2004, Indian Express)
Mumbai Police chief going on leave raises eyebrows. (

Chapter-4: Underworld & Terrorism: A Deadly Handshake.

Order of Hon.Tada court in the case of 12 March 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blast case.
Black Friday by Hussain Zaidi.(2002)
India not like US to launch Abottabad type operation-Singh. (13/05/2011, Tribune)
Old aide of Bhatkal held for 02-03 blasts. (11/05/2004)
Pune Blast: Bhatkal brothers emerge as prime suspects. (15/02/2010)
“The arrest of Aftab Ansari” by Praveen Swami. (16/03/02,  Frontline)
Aftab Ansari’s death sentence stayed. (25/05/2010, Times of India)
A canary in the cage. (25/02/2002, Outlook)
Mumbai blasts: Cops to now focus on bike thieves. (29/07/2011, Times of India)
ATS arrests 2 Indian Mujahideen members. (13/07/2011, Sakaal Times)
17 blasts rock Ahmedabad (27/07/2008, Hindustan Times)
Mumbai Encounter specialist: The story so far. (13/01/2010,
Key is the fear; How encounters struck fear in gangster’ hearts. (13/07/2011, DNA)
D.Sivanandhan to be new police chief of Mumbai. (14/06/2009, Mumbai Mirror)
Urban Cowboys( 06/01/2003, Time Magazine)
Maximum City: Bombay lost & found” by Suketu Mehta(Published in 2004)

Chapter-5: Counter Terrorism & Media.

Media introspects on its voverage of 26/11 attacks. (
Interview of ex NSG chief J.K.Dutta by Harinder Baweja.(Tehelka magazine, 20/06/2009)
Journalist who spoke to 26/11 attackers depose. (05/11/2009,
Managing editor of a news channel deposes in 26/11 trial.(
26/11: Photographers evidence. (12/03/2010, The Hindu)
Mumbai blasts: Some personal reflections by Parful Ketkar. (
NBA imposes rules for news channels on terror coverage. (18/12/2008,
Mumbai court restrains media over cctv footage of blasts. (19/07/2011, The Hindu)
Hunt for IM media cell member. (23/12/2010, Indian Express)

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