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Monday, 10 October 2011

The World during Cold War & now. (from Indian perspective)

I was born in 1979 at a time when the cold war was at its worst. The world was divided into 2 power blocs and it seemed that a third world war is imminent. It was during this time that Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and US President Ronald Reagan & British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher took an aggressive stance against Soviet Union’s agenda of expansion. The deadly arms race assured the destruction of the globe multiple times. After observing the current happenings around the world  I have tried to contemplate how much has the world changed after the cold war. My broad observations are as follows:

During Cold War.
Now. (Post cold war)
Osama bin Laden was a friend of USA who helped USA in fighting proxy war against Soviets in Afghanistan.
Osama bin Laden turned out to be biggest enemy of USA after 9/11 and was killed by US forces in Pakistan.
Pakistan was friend of USA.
USA is accusing Pakistan of backstabbing and supporting terror groups against USA. Very soon the relationship between the two is likely to loose the label of “friendship”
USA threatened India on behalf of Pakistan and even moved its seventh fleet to scare India in 1971 war.
USA is advising Pakistan to make peace with India and Pakistan should not treat India as its mortal enemy.
Pakistan was seen as close to USA and India was seen as close to Soviet Union (Although, being part of Non Aligned Movement)
USA-Pakistan bilateral relations are diminishing and USA-India relations are getting stronger.
USA was the greatest well wisher of Pakistan.
China is becoming the greatest well wisher of Pakistan.
Japanese electronic goods dominated the world market. They were seen as cheap and unreliable.
Chinese electronic and other consumer goods dominate the world market. Now they are seen as cheap and unreliable.
USA was the biggest economic power.
Countries like China are challenging USA’s dominance in the economic sphere and are potent to defeat USA in near future.
Spread of Communism was the biggest worry for USA.
Spread of terrorism is the biggest worry for USA.
USA was keeping a close eye on every move of Soviet Union & vice versa.
USA is keeping a close watch on every move of China & vice versa.

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