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Friday, 10 July 2015

5 Reasons which make NDA look like UPA.

Now this one may invite a Tsunami of abuses & threats from the ‘Bhakts’ & trolls, who might not be aware that I am immune to their textual attacks. So here is what I have to say based not on any great research but on my simple observations. My blog pertains to the central government as well as BJP ruled states.

1-Corruption, Misuse of Office & Questionable Credentials of Minisiters.
Corruption was a big word which helped BJP achieve power at the centre & subsequently held elections in various states. By the end of its second tenure UPA government got marred by so many scams & controversies that its failure to return to power became easily predictable even for a layman. This mood was appropriately encashed by Narendra Modi who famously said – “Na Khaoonga, Na Khane Doonga” Now one year after Mr.Modi assumed power, we see:
-his finance minister Sushma Swaraj being accused of helping a fugitive Lalit Modi,
-his party’s chief minister in Rajasthan Vasundhara Raje Scindia showering favours to Lalit Modi,
-his HRD minister Smruti Irani being accused of providing false information about her education,
-his party’s minister in Maharashtra Pankaja Munde accused of scam worth Rs 206.

Apart from this, BJP’s decision to induct few leaders from rival parties just before Maharashtra assembly elections dents its claims against corruption. Ex ministers of NCP Babanrao Pachupute & Vijaykumar Gawit were accused of corruption & amassing disproportionate wealth. When in the opposition, BJP legislators even disrupted proceedings in the state assembly demanding action against them. However just before the state elections these 2 “corrupt” ministers were inducted in BJP.

2-Lies, lies & lies.
Apart from failing to provide corruption proof governments, BJP has been also caught lying more than once.
When ABP News questioned BJP chief Amit Shah about BJP’s prepoll announcement of getting back the black money from abroad & depositing Rs 15 lacs into the accounts of each Indian citizens, he said that it was just a “Chunavi Jumla” (an electoral phrase) & must not be taken literally.
Before parliamentary elections Modi urged voters to give him 5 years to change picture of the nation. On July 9, 2015 while addressing a gathering of BJP workers at Mumbai, Amit Shah contradicted Modi by saying that 5 years are not enough to change picture of the nation, they need to stay in power for a longer period.

A reference to Myanmar operation to avenge ambush on Army convoy in Manipur last June is also worth mentioning here. The government announced that Indian army crossed border & targeted militant camps inside the territory of Myanmar & killed many militants. However, this is not easy to digest, considering that the militant group has denied that any of its members was killed & no accurate official figures of killed militants have been provided by Indian government also.

3-Lack of checks on communal elements.
Several incidents of attacks on churches, few communal skirmishes & no control over the tongue of people like Sadhavi Prachi, Yogi Adityanath & Sakshi Maharaj are leading to an environment which makes minority communities of our nation feel insecure. During UPA’s rule the majority community felt that minorities were being appeased & majority community was being treated unfairly.

4-Power at any cost!
BJP’s Mission 44 failed in Jammu & Kashmir state assembly elections. In a hung assembly to form the government BJP had to join hands with either PDP or NC. BJP chose to form government with PDP which is ideologically opposed to it. Inspite of knowing that PDP has a soft corner for separatists and Pakistan, it opposes Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) & dropping of Article 370, BJP chose to share power with it.

5-Modi’s Manmohan Avatar.
Before parliamentary elections, ex prime minister Manmohan Singh was ridiculed by BJP over his silence on serious issues. He was likened to “robot”, puppet”, “statue” etc by BJP leaders in their speeches. Now look at Narendra Modi. How is he behaving? Any difference between him & Manmohan Singh? Modi has kept mum on Sushma, Vasundhara, Smruti, Pankaja & most of his prepoll promises.

So this has been the image in my mind of BJP government at the centre & in various states where the party shares power. But this assessment is just of past one year’s performance and I hope that things will change as on hope the world survives. The views expressed here are solely of my own and not of the news organisation I am associated with.

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