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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

5 Questions On Malegaon Blast Case. (2006)

The bail for Malegaon blast 2006 accused raises several questions pertaining to counter terrorism approach. I have the following questions in my mind:

1)      Why were the fake people arrested & made to “confess”? Was it done due to media pressure or to impress political bosses?
2)      Considering this case, I am inclined to ask whether accused arrested in other cases of terrorism during the tenure of concerned officials are genuine or not?
3)      If genuine accused are not caught, then they would commit more offences. Were the officials not aware of such grave implications?
4)      Now what will government do so to deter such investigators fooling (& jeopardizing the lives of ) public again?
5)      Fake persons were made accused not just by ATS, but also there were certain agencies acting behind the curtains. Do we need to still trust them?

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