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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Regret killing journalist J.Dey: Chota Rajan.

Chota Rajan called up from number +3444 at 1: 54 pm. He said the following in conversation with me:

1)    I will kill Dawood Ibrahim if he comes to India. He said this in response to the interview given by Parvez Musharaf to an Indian news channel.
2)    I regret killing journalist J.Dey. ( On my question-Why did you kill J.Dey?)

-         J.Dey was writing many articles against me, so once I called him up & asked politely if he had some personal problem with me. He denied, but said that he is going to London & I should meet him there.
-         When J.Dey went to London, I got a call from my London based informer named Usman. Usman warned me that I should not go to London to meet J.Dey as he was meeting Chota Shakeel people there. This made me suspicious.
-         After returning from London J.Dey spoke to me and asked why I didn’t meet him. When I said I couldn’t come for some reason, he told that soon he is going to Phillipines & I should meet him there.
-         Meanwhile he continued writing against me…like my gang has become weak, I am sick, my loyal people have left me etc. All such writings of J.Dey angered me.
-         He also gave undue credit to Santosh Shetty for killing Bharat Nepali which was actually my brainwork.
-         Hence, I developed an impression that he had started working for Dawood gang. I tried to convince him before killing, but he didn’t listen.
-         I am not sure whether he really was close to Dawood gang...but his writings made me feel like that.
-         But now I regret killing him. I should have ignored what he wrote about me. Journalists are free to write anything about anybody. I shouldnt have done that…but whatever has happened has happened...there is no point in discussing that episode.


Anonymous said...

Haan if there's regret then why doesn't he surrender?

vinnyzz said...

I dont care who he (rajan) killed and why?
i have just one question..and this is nothing to do with my grievance to the killings and attack in mumbai in recent times. i want to know why is it so difficult in finding dawood and kill him, if osama was a easy kill then why isn’t dawood..??
CIA FBI CBI IB and GID And the opposition ISI knows the movements of dawood.And i have a vital and most important Info about dawood and his next movements..whom should i approach..i myself want to kill him and kill his existence .I’m not a journalist or reporter and not a spy..Just have something in common with rajan. and i would still ask ..why did he(dawood) run away after the bombings.he isnt an indian now not even a Pakistani..Who and why are they giving him shelter.Im just a common man who is hunting for him. i have been looking for him I have the technology and hi- tech communication devices. And i want to kill him.. shoot him on the forehead with a close range. i was in Saudi Arabia..and i did get a chance to meet his nexus..Who have left the job and are given protection. The last thing i heard him saying is OIL and COCAINE.
He his planning for a BIG Plan. next is Gas supply to Pakistan its an aid and has funded. I don’t care if im been monitored or been tracked no one can find me. But it’s a message to Rajan..i Want him! Give me chance and i would get his head just for a new coin which has Rajiv Gandhi’s face coined.