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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dawood Ibrahim & Co relocated in China.

Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim alongwith one of his brothers Musatkeem Kaskar & lieutenant Chota Shakeel has relocated to China recently. Their identities have been changed. However, Anees Ibrahim, Tiger Memon & other associates of Dawood are still in Pakistan.  

Dawood’s shifting to Pakistan has been facilitated by Pakistan’s ISI. Last July ISI chief Ahmed Suja Pasha went to China and among several things which were discussed one was of relocation of Dawood Ibrahim.

It is said that Dawood & others have been relocated near Guangzhou, a city which is around 2 hrs drive from Hongkong. A large number of Pakistanis reside in Gunagzhou & have businesses related to electronic gadgets, hotels etc.

 It might be a temporary relocation as after the Abottabad incident, Pakistan didn’t want to face similar embarrassment. The growing acrimony between US & Pakistan led to the fears that Dawood’s presence in Pakistan could get exposed.

Getting Dawood from China will be as impossible for India as it was from Pakistan. Post Abottabad incident Pakistan & China are strengthening their ties. Considering the kind of relationship India has with China, Dawood will feel as secured in China as he was in Pakistan. China will never hand him over to India and will never accept Dawood is on its soil.

Senior Police officials in Mumbai have neither denied, nor confirmed this information.

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