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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Brief Review of "Dalit Millionaires" (by Milind Khandekar)

A fresh and positive way to begin the new year is to read this book, especially for those who feel that they are victim of circumstances and life has been unfair to them. With 15 interesting case studies, the book inspires to deal with life head on, brave the hostilities and have a positive approach towards life. The book is about those people who started their life with a scratch and made it big with their attitude and hardwork. Every page of the book generates feeling of optimism and inner strength. Translated in simple English, anybody with basic knowledge of the language can read it without referring to a dictionary. It is also like a guide book for aspiring businessmen. Reading this book is a delight for non fiction book buffs & also an antidote for those who are feeling low in life. The book is originally written in Hindi and has been translated in English.

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