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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

10 things I like & dislike about Baba Ramdeo.

1)      Baba Ramdeo with his communicative skills made optimum use of modern media(television per se) to popularize Yoga among masses.
2)      Baba Ramdeo contributed to the popularity of Indian Yoga at the international sphere.
3)      He intends to channelise his popularity for bringing about a socio-political change in the country.
4)      He uses non-violent means to convey his message & press his demands.
5)      He intends to become a politician & seems to be a cleaner new comer in the existing sordid scenario.

1)      Baba Ramdeo’s unsubstantiated claims to cure any illness known in this universe through Yoga.
2)      His act of running away from Ramleela Maidan when police came & by making himself an article of ridicule by attiring as a woman. If he would have followed Gandhian style of Satyagraha, he should have surrendered to the cops & then continued the fast behind the bars.
3)      His statements after the Ramleela Maidan incident that “5000 people are missing..”, “ Police was going to kill me in encounter..”, “The police action was like Jalianwala Baug..” etc. Such statements seem to be examples of hyperbole & simplistic. They damage his credibility.
4)      His loose attitude of letting politicians share his stage at Ramleela Maidan. Like Anna Hazare he should have strictly kept politicians away.
5)      Some of his demands like doing away with high denominations notes & capital punishment to the black money offenders. ( When we are not sure whether terrorists like Ajmal Kasab & Afzal Guru who have beeen found guilty of carnage will face the hangman in our life time, such demand seems ridiculous.)


रंजन (Ranjan) said...

i agree... baba is arrogant...

Vedkant Sharma said...

Baba still need to do a lot before being a true Baba. He even semms weaker than a common man.