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Sunday, 26 June 2011

God & Pursuit of Positivity. (इस हफ्ते की जिंदगी)

Last Saturday I went to trek at Anjaneri, a place near Tryambakeshwar, Nasik. The place is popular among locals as the birth place of Lord Hanuman (although, there are other 2 places also in India, where people claim the same.) There is a magnificent Hanuman idol just adjoining Nasik-Trayambak road. From this idol people have to trek through the forest & reach the apex of Anjangad mountain where a small temple of Anjanimata is located. Since last 2 years I have been visiting this place again & again for 2 reasons. Firstly, the place is a good weekend getaway destination from Mumbai & you get an opportunity to enjoy & appreciate the natural splendor of the area. The 7 kilometers long trekking on Anjangad mountain & back also makes your adrenaline pump. My second interest to visit this place is religious one & this write up focuses on my notion of religion.

In today’s world it is not the religion you are born in or it is not also about following your parents on which God to worship, but it is your individual choice which makes you to worship a particular God or remain an atheist. For me religion is pursuit of positivity. In my belief, God in whichever form or faith you believe is personification of positivity. I choose to personify my God as Hanuman. As enunciated few months back in this blog, the image of Hanuman signifies positivity, mental & physical courage, intellect, the ability to take risks & good communication skills. I believe that these are the qualities which all journalists require. By way of worshipping Hanuman, thinking about him, we pursue positivity. I don’t expect miracles by pursuing my God, but I do expect to gain inner strength & optimism for the success of my endeavors. I may fail sometimes, but that doesn’t weakens my faith in God, because once you submit yourself to him, you have to accept that whatever happens is only for your very best. The things which on the face might seem to be gone wrong may turn out to be a blessing in the long run.

Religion is one of the most amazing concepts since the advent of human civilization. It is a great & useful concept, except when it is used to make people fight, segregate, discriminate & to make commercial gains. Religion’s beauty lies in keeping it simple & free from rituals & superstitions. 

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